AWS Educate for Teacher and Student

AWS Educate is AWS’s platform to bring cloud computing education to the educators, schools and most importantly – the students. As an educator, I strongly believe that education is the foundation for growth, happinesss and prosperity. Whether it’s the traditional means of learning or non-traditional – I work to instill the love of lifelong learning to my students to help them have the cornerstone to succeed in their lives and professions.

AWS Educate is an excellent example of a resource to provide not only the foundation of cloud computing learning but also allow the learners (teachers and students alike) to find their “spark”. Find the technology that inspires them to grow, learn and explore and change the world. Technology is ever changing and ever growing. As an educator in the computer science fields, I am often challenged to stay on top of what is current and predicted to be the future of technologies to ensure that my students become graduates who are ready for their next steps. I rely heavily not on traditional textbooks that were the mainstay when I was a college students but on the resources from the leaders in the technology fields. Those leaders include Mozilla, Google and AWS. By providing the resources for the educator and the students, students are encouraged to learn about how the cloud technology works and the multiple services and career paths that are available to them. Students (and educators) are encouraged to complete learning in fields like AR/VR, Robotics, Gaming, IoT, Machine Learning, and more by earning digital badges.

AWS Educate provides a platform to teach the teacher and the student alike. It provides the resources for students to collaborate, motivate, and encourage. It’s the step into a direction of the unknown – in a good way. The jobs of tomorrow aren’t always known. We have inventors and unique minds in our classrooms. In their minds is the future of our world and its opportunities. If the jobs and opportunities for tomorrow aren’t quite known today we are fortunate to have the tools like AWS Educate to bring into our classrooms.