From Zero to Machine Learning in 45 Minutes

When was the last time you attended a Machine Learning presentation & walked out saying that was really cool & I got it!? I am going to take you through an exciting journey of ML – after which – I guarantee you that you will be pumped, have clarity and know exactly how you can implement it yourself. Have you heard of the catchphrases Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? So is this yet another theoretical and boring lecture on how cool all this is? …Not Really! During this session, I will take you on a journey of learning about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Machine Learning and AWS (Amazon Web Services) DeepRacer. You will walk away with understanding of different types of Machine Learning and how it’s implemented in the industry. You will also be able to quickly and easily – build, train and evaluate your own Reinforcement Machine Learning Model using AWS (Amazon Web Services) and simple Python code. You will see your virtual car model learn, adapt and improve – all in real time as it navigates itself around a virtual race track.