Your Lambda function, your IDE, let’s debug live

Debugging in the live Lambda runtime environment is the most direct method for identifying problems within code and enhancing the developer learning experience. We have identified a way to perform live remote debugging with popular IDE’s. No local emulation, the real Lambda runtime.

During the talk, a recorded demonstration will be played & discussed showing how the communications between the IDE, Lambda function run time environment and the services required. The short demonstration will show the Lambda stopped during execution, data examined & modified, and validation showing the actual Lambda function was in fact debugged. On the TV show The Universe, in one episode they show how to slow down and ultimately stop light particles–doing live remote debugging is very similar to that as most believe it is not possible to interact/stop an executing function. We have found a way and would like to share that knowledge with others so we all can get back to debugging like it is performed in traditional application development.